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Continuous Learning & Key Skills Equal Success

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Do you consider yourself successful in your small business? Stepping up in learning and skill development can make or break the level of success you achieve.

The thing about success is that the target is always moving. The goals you set for yourself last year are not the same as the goals you’ve set for yourself this year. And the goals you set for next year, won’t be the same as this year’s.

Why is that? Because you should be continually improving your skills to make yourself better, which should be reflected in your goals for each year. Basketball coach Pat Riley said, “Anytime you stop striving to get better, you’re bound to get worse.” What he means is, it doesn’t matter how good your skills are today, if you don’t continually upgrade your knowledge and skills, you’ll still become obsolete. Almost every career field requires continuously learning and growing because everything eventually becomes outdated as people continue to develop the latest and greatest gadgets or services. Technology will always march on and can truly help to increase your productivity! So, if you don’t want to be passed by in your business, you need to keep your knowledge and skills sharp to compete with the up-and-comers.


However, if you try to focus on improving too many skills at one time, you may become frustrated with your lack of progress. I see it many times as I coach business people. There are so many things they want to change and improve. Therefore, I suggest you ask yourself: “WHAT ONE SKILL, IF I DEVELOPED AND DID IT IN AN EXCELLENT FASHION, WOULD HAVE THE GREATEST IMPACT ON MY BUSINESS?”

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To identify that skill, consider all the skills you currently possess. You may be better in some and weaker in others. You might choose to focus on and improve a strong skill or concentrate on one of your weaker skills. Or, maybe there’s a skill you don’t possess currently, but you would like to have to take your business to the next level. If you need help sorting and prioritizing, Grow Your Business Coaching can help. We are committed to learning and growing, not only for ourselves, but for our clients, friends and everyone we can touch. Once you have identified your skill, you need to develop a continuous learning program to master this skill. Your learning program should include these four steps:

  • Read about your skill (or your field) for at least one hour a day, every day. Get up earlier than normal if you need to fit in the time to read.
  • Take courses on your skill. Attend seminars and workshops. Sit upfront and take notes.
  • Purchase educational audio programs on your skill. Listen to them in your car. Did you know that the average driver is in their car 500 to 1,000 hours a year? That’s a lot of time you can put to good use by turning your drive time into learning time.
  • Put your skill into practice. The more you use your skill, the better you will become at it.

By following these steps, you can acquire the skills you need to make yourself – and your business – more valuable to your customers. The only thing standing in your way is you! If you truly want to see progress and profit, then you have to be sure that you are providing more and better service to your clients. That all starts with skill development and continuous learning. These are your keys to finding the success that you crave for your business!

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Jack Klemeyer

Jack Klemeyer

Grow Your Business™ Coaching founder Jack Klemeyer is recognized as a preeminent resource and program developer as a business coach, consultant, speaker, trainer and facilitator of Mastermind groups for entrepreneurs, business professionals and companies of all sizes.
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