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Consultants Share How Not to View Job Security: Part Three

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Today we wrap up our three part series on job security by highlighting five tips we feel “hit the mark” when maintaining your position at work.

Our small business consultants shared Part One and Part Two of this series that delved into improving worker productivity where we analyzed eleven of sixteen tips that, according to US News and World Report, make you unfireable.  Below are the five remaining tips, quoted directly from the article, followed by our own reflections on their usefulness in the workplace.

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  • Cut the Company’s Costs

Take a look at where your company is spending its money. Then see if there are ways to reduce those costs. Your boss won’t fire someone who is improving the company’s bottom line.

Reflections: AccelaWork stands firm in the idea that improving both process and workflow patterns in business is invaluable. Doing so not only reduces costs, but creates avenues for further innovation and development.

  • Make the Company More Money

Even better, figure out ways to increase revenue. Find a new client or develop new products and services for your company to sell.

Reflections: Besides cutting costs, the best part about streamlining processes is that it frees up time for other tasks that you would otherwise not be able to focus on. You’ll soon find that your ability to concentrate on a new initiative will easily fit within your scope of daily activity.

  • Show You Are a Team Player

You have to be able to work well with your coworkers. Listen to their suggestions. Adapt to each person’s idiosyncrasies. Treat each coworker with respect and courtesy. If you can’t be a member of a team, chances are you won’t survive the next layoff.

Reflections: Communication in the workplace is impossible to avoid, but with the right approach it can actually be worthwhile. By supporting a work environment that encourages constructive interaction, your office will not only be upbeat, but productive as well. To quote a previous business consulting post:

There’s a key connection between good behavior and productive behavior. If we take time to be conscientious of others at work, we make it easier for them to be more efficient and more effective at their jobs. Likewise, that effort will reflect well on us.

  • Positivity Goes a Long Way

By remaining positive during tough times, you can help create a more optimistic work environment.

Reflections: As humans, the tendency to rally around positive energy is simply natural. Not only does it raise our spirits, but inspires us to do better. That’s why adopting a positive attitude at work is essential. This mentality will positively reflect upon your ability for progress, increase workplace productivity and inspire others around you as well.

  • Learn New Skills

Take advantage of any training, certification, or back-to-school programs offered by your employer. The more skills you develop the more valuable you become to your employer. If your company doesn’t offer any programs, buy some new books and start training yourself.

Reflections: Investing the time to better yourself is priceless. So when the opportunity to flourish in knowledge and skill arises, don’t hesitate to jump on board!

Thanks for reading our series on How Not to View Job Security. For more information on helping your company to be more productive, reach out to our business improvement consultants!

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