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Consultants Take on Exceeding Expectations

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Regardless of position or title, the inability to reach full potential in a job could create problems that have consequences. This applies even if the job is to run, throw and catch.

Hanley Ramirez, Florida Marlins’ star shortstop, was taken out of a game when he caused an error and failed to properly rectify it. According to Marlins manager Fredi Gonzalez, Ramirez simply chose not to hustle:

Hanley left the game because we felt—he got smoked in the ankle—but we felt whether he was hurt or not hurt or whatever it was, we felt that the effort wasn’t there that we wanted.

Ramirez was replaced by fellow teammate Brian Barden—who, despite a sprained ankle, completed the final eight innings. All the while displaying the “killer” effort that the Marlins know and expect.

Like baseball, business is competitive. Therefore, it is not unreasonable to expect the best out of your employees; particularly when their performance directly impacts the success of the company. In fact, supplying full confidence not only empowers your players, it also motivates them to go that extra mile. Yet, no matter how talented or flawless their work may be, achieving constant perfection is impossible. Everyone, even all-star athletes, have bad days.

consultant having a bad day

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If bad days happen more often than not however, there may be a larger issue at hand. As we have covered before, positive thinking greatly influences worker productivity and we can’t just focus on outcomes. Instead, we need to embrace process-oriented thinking.What makes a for a great team player isn’t just putting points on the scoreboard, it’s also how they play the game.

At AccelaWork, we believe that the most powerful method for improving productivity and satisfaction among stakeholders is to empower them with the knowledge, authority and responsibility to analyze and implement business processes. Contact our business improvement solutions firm today to learn more about how we can help you not only meet job requirements, but exceed beyond expectations.

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