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How Color Can Affect Your Productivity

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Color plays a big role in our lives. We all have a favorite color, and when we see that favorite shade, it can actually bring a big smile to our faces. Not only does color brighten your day, it can also affect your productivity as well.

Most of us don’t really have the opportunity to paint the walls where we work. But for those of us that work from home, the ability to design your personal space is totally up to you. It’s a luxury that some people envy! No more blank, white walls and fluorescent lighting. You get to make all the choices! And the options can be pretty overwhelming.

Painting your home office certain colors can actually help you become more efficient. We all know that certain colors invoke specific feelings inside of us. Be it a color that reminds you of something from your past or a bright red that really stimulates you and gets you going. Every color has its own reaction. Amy Morin from Forbes sat down and spoke with Christa O’Leary, who is the founder of Home in Harmony Lifestyle, to get her advice on how to choose colors for your work environment.

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“Our bodies react to color on a physiological level. The color red stimulates our appetite and increases our heart rate. The color blue has a calming effect on the nervous system. Taking into consideration the physiological response of color to the body is important.”

O’Leary also advises that having accent colors can add more oomph to the design as well as contribute to the affect we’re looking for in colors. Matching a warm yellow to the serenity of blue tones can help your focus. Red can pump up the negotiator and help increase their drive for sales. Also, using glossy or flat paints is also an important decision. Glossy provides a sheen that can provide a feeling of higher energy.

We here at AccelaWork know just how much having a green work environment helps productivity growth. You will want to be wary of brands that aren’t no-VOC (Volatile Organic Compounds.) Some paints can emit noxious substances. Since you will be in this room for the majority of your day, you want to be sure you’re surrounding yourself with the healthiest products available.

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Alyssa Shea

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