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Cody Bellinger’s Star Is Rising

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It can sometimes seem like luck takes you far in life. How much of it is luck and how much of it is skill? Cody Bellinger claims lucky hits brought him success but there’s more to this young star.

Cody Bellinger is in his rookie season with the Los Angeles Dodgers. Bellinger was taken out of high school (Chandler, Arizona) by the Dodgers in the fourth round of Baseball’s Amateur Draft in 2013. In 2007, Cody Bellinger played in the Little League World Series. Cody’s father, Clay, was a utility player in the Major Leagues and played on a couple of World Championship New York Yankee teams. Cody Bellinger rose through the Los Angeles Dodgers Minor League System very quickly and got to the Major Leagues in late April of 2017, at age 21.

Cody Bellinger was being very modest when he made this statement about getting lucky hits! Cody Bellinger is the Dodgers answer to Aaron Judge! Both are rookies, All-Stars and MVP candidates. Bellinger, who turned 22 on July 13, is three years younger than Judge. Bellinger was promoted from Triple-A Oklahoma City to the Dodgers on April 25th and has been “tearing up” Major League pitching. He belted nine homers in May and became the first rookie ever to hit 10 home runs in a stretch of 10 games! Bellinger already has five multi-homer games and has hit more than 20 home runs this season. Cody Bellinger runs well but when you hit home runs you trot around the bases! It is a joy to watch him swing the bat. He has terrific wrists and an explosive swing. Whether it is Cody Bellinger, Aaron Judge, Jose Altuve, and many others, it is great to see so many excellent, young players in Major League Baseball!

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It almost seems like a player like this is made up, because skills like this feel like you’re dreaming, as one Los Angeles Times writer reported. His manager, Dave Roberts, has nothing but positive things to say about this rookie.

“Every time he steps on the field,” manager Dave Roberts said, “something special can happen.”

Bellinger is always humble in every interview he gives. Recently, he spoke about being invited to the Home Run Derby:

“This week has definitely been the top of everything,” Bellinger said. “To start hearing my name at the [Home Run] Derby, and then the All-Star game, it’s definitely something I’ll never forget.”

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  • Put your skill into practice. The more you use your skill, the better you will become at it.
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