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Business Consulting Quiz: When Should You Send Email?

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Writing for the Indianapolis consultants and email marketing experts at Delivra, our own Robby Slaughter asks the age old question: When really is the best time to send email marketing messages?

Slaughter notes that that this is a question which has plagued business consultants for ages. In his guest post on the Delivra website, he writes:

Email marketing experts agree that an essential part of your email campaign is timing. You want to make your messages go out on exactly the right day at exactly the right hour.

Unfortunately, there isn't much agreement on when that should be. Copyblogger reports many expert email markterers prefer different times. Rick Whittington notes there several studies all showing different data. Scott Stratten insists content is more important than the timing. Even Delivra's competitor (and other email marketing firms) say there are no hard and fast rules. So what should you do?

Indianapolis consultants on Email Marketing Timing

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Slaughter’s reflections include the following:

Now for some actual advice about when to send an email message. Whatever you choose, be consistent. If you’re writing a weekly newsletter, send it out at exactly the same time and day each week. If you’re doing a drip campaign that provides an updated tip every three days, make certain it’s actually delivered on that schedule. And be sure and promise the frequency in the text of the copy. People love it when you make and keep a promise!

Here at AccelaWork, we have our very own regular email newsletter that we’ve been sending out like clockwork for years. You can sign up for business improvement advice at no charge.

And if you’re looking for email marketing best practices, talk to our friends at Delivra.

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