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Britain Needs To See Productivity Growth

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The United States isn’t the only country that deals with issues in productivity. In fact, the Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development in Britain has stated that their poor efficiency needs to be handled immediately.

Sometimes it’s easy to imagine we’re all alone in our financial crises and woes. But most countries have felt the sting of the economic disaster. The effects of which can still be seen today. The issue with increasing output efficiently is the top priority of almost every company in the world. So how is Britain handling this issue?

The Telegraph has reported that 2014 has to be the year of handling poor productivity issues if they want price increases and pay rises to match. Mark Beatson, who is the chief economist with the human resources organisation, was the man who presented what the country’s “jobs enigma” was and how to get past that issue. And thanks to Britain’s strong economic growth, they were able to escape that enigma. Beatson remarked:

“This time last year we were talking about the UK’s ‘jobs enigma’. Since then, labour market performance has continued to exceed expectations, turning the UK labour market into a ‘jobs machine’. Employment growth looks set to continue at an impressive rate over the year to come. However, the downside is that UK productivity has yet to improve and remains below its pre-recession level.”

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He also stated that throughout 2014, employment will steadily increase while unemployment falls. Yet since the growth in employment has exceeded everyone’s expectations, the focus now definitely needs to center around increasing productivity. Beatson went on to describe why it is that output which hasn’t yielded much.

“A lot of attention is being given to falling real wages and the UK’s ‘cost of living crisis’, for understandable reasons. But not enough attention is given to the main reason why this has happened – that productivity has fallen since 2008.”

The only way for Britain to really see an increase would be for managers across the nation to really hunker down and look over their processes. And that is precisely where business process consultants, like those here at AccelaWork, should be on hand to provide their knowledge in how to create better workflow. If you’re looking for ways to become more efficient, contact our productivity consultants!

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Alyssa Shea

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