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Helping Workers Find Peace of Mind

In our personal and professional lives, we encounter people that seem to think in ways we cannot understand. Are these differences just part of life? Or is there is something deeper going on? (more…)

When Presenting, Here’s What Not To Do

We’ve seen our share of presentations over the years, which means we’ve seen plenty of cringe-inducing choices by the presenter. Here’s a few things never to say when in front of a crowd. (more…)

Time for a Break?

We’re all constantly searching for ways to increase our productivity. Are we actually creating good habits, though? (more…)

Networking is More Important Than Ever

You don’t need a news flash to know that networking is an incredible tool in business. The question is, to what lengths should we go to meet in person now that social media is saturating our world? (more…)

Don’t Let Anxiety Rule Your World

We’re all constantly looking for ways to do things better and faster. We just need to stay on task and get that project done, but why is that so hard sometimes? (more…)

Fun Ideas For The Holidays

The holiday season is a great time to share some smiles and laughs! And holiday humor helps you develop a well-tuned humor radar. (more…)

Having Effective Rules

Does your company have a set of rules to follow? Do you and your co-workers actually abide by them? If not, you’re not alone. (more…)

Blogging Best Practices

Living in a world where information is at our fingertips and produced at remarkable speed, it’s not surprising we want content-rich communication fast. (more…)

Building Trust

Do you trust yourself? When it comes to making important decisions, can you say with confidence that you will make the right choice? (more…)

What Is Emotional Intelligence?

There are tests out there online that claim they can “increase your emotional intelligence.” What exactly is that and why do I want more of it? (more…)

Discovering Inspiration

The past few weeks I have been working with my church for a program called Angel Tree. We deliver Christmas gifts to children from a parent that is in prison. The experience has been beyond rewarding. (more…)

You Can’t Go Back

How many times in a week or even in a day do you wish you could rewind? Handle something differently or say the right thing? Don’t let yourself stay stuck in the past! (more…)

A Movie Star’s Email Strategy

Actor and producer Ashton Kutcher is known in Hollywood for his wacky roles in films. What you may not know about him is his view on email and the strategies he utilizes toward managing it. (more…)

Writers: Work On Your Workflow

Writing is a passion of mine. It’s something I’ve been doing as a hobby since I was 9 years old and I still need help from time to time with managing my workflow! (more…)