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Sensational Headlines About Employee Productivity

A press release carried the title: “Bosses Beware: Employees Watching Videos Online on the Company’s Dime.” The contents of the document, however, had nothing to do with supervisors, employees and productivity. (more…)

Fire Protection is Transforming Processes

Every week, Muncie, Indiana firefighters had to submit maintenance reports to headquarters. This had been done by hand—by actually driving fire trucks across town to deliver the paperwork! (more…)

Owning the Process Leads to Productivity

Many retail stores warn customers that “if you break it, you buy it.” But it turns out there’s an even better reason to keep products out in the open—handling something makes you feel like you own it. (more…)

Productivity and Satisfaction Lead to Results

AccelaWork’s belief in business process improvement is based around a simple formula: workplace productivity + satisfaction = results. These were covered in a presentation on this topic at the Indiana Business Fair. (more…)

Worker Productivity Advice, Not Tips

Usually, productivity advice appears in the form of direct suggestions that seem impossible to implement. An article by Deborah Hildebrand of Office Arrow, however, contains some profound ideas. (more…)

Business Consultants Recommend Going To Work Naked?

Tess Vigeland, host of the National Public Radio show Marketplace Money, interviewed the managing director of a UK design firm. He invited all of his employees to come to work not without negative thoughts, but without any clothing. (more…)

Remote Work Week

This week, The Methodology Blog will be covering the latest perspectives on working remotely. (more…)