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Email Productivity and Reactionary Workflow

Over at the American Express OPEN Forum, writer Scott Belsky feels that we spend too much time reacting. Instead of working intently, we simply “battle the unyielding flow of incoming information.” (more…)

Worker Productivity Questioned

A woman named Amanda Hite had made a routine visit to the Bureau of Motor Vehicles. While waiting in line, she noticed an employee playing computer solitaire—and managed to snap a picture with her cellphone camera. (more…)

Worker Productivity and Cutting Costs

In an anonymous opinion piece, one former employee explains how a reduction in expenses destroyed productivity and morale. Mark down another incident for the law of unintended consequences. (more…)

Tape-Free Business Improvement Solutions

Visit any television station and you are likely to see racks filled with videotapes. Finding, loading, playing, rewinding and re-shelving this media is a workflow that is no longer required. (more…)

Email Productivity

You might lose your job for any number of reasons, but being fired is usually connected to a major mistake. One New Zealand woman, however, was terminated because of her use of the caps lock key (more…)

Business Improvement Services

Local brand experience design firm Kristian Andersen + Associates just got fired. It was an amicable divorce, but getting dumped is part of the consulting business, right? (more…)

Business Consulting for the Cashier

Even in Indianapolis, consultants can make a difference by noticing everyday elements. Consider the cashier at the auto repair shop who struggles to process a routine customer payment. She keys in obscure codes to her computer, pours over handwritten notes, and checks the math with a hand held calculator. (more…)

Business Process Methodology Slaves

Businesses love to implement a new, comprehensive solution to address a wide range of challenges. However, an analyst named Duncan Haughey argues that blindly adhering to methodology is ineffective and all too common. (more…)