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Social Media and Honest Communication

Our founder, Robby Slaughter, was quoted in the Wall Street Journal about productivity and social media. The message: Social media is powerful stuff, especially for small business. (more…)

Putting Problems In Perspective

If you frequently type numbers into a computer, a 10-key is an essential productivity tool. But one hobbyist decided to build a less efficient system out of an old rotary telephone. (more…)

An Unexplained Process Can Be Wasteful

Operating a business through process-oriented work is what defines a successful company. And, despite the dozens of adjectives that go into describing any given process, the purpose should be well-defined and known to all stakeholders involved. (more…)

Employee Satisfaction Plummets

Here’s a double whammy for the working professional. You hate your job and want to quit, but the economy is bad so you’re afraid to leave. (more…)

The Importance of Appearing Organized

As well all know, the trends of “going green,” resource preservation, and climate control have taken our society by storm. Yet, amidst the hype, a leader in the movement was under a magnifying glass for his disorganization. (more…)

Transforming Broken Forms Into Useful Ones

How many times have you had to fill out a government form, only to find yourself struggling to fit all the required information in impossibly small boxes? These processes illustrate a broken workflow, but not how you might think. (more…)

Embracing Failure In The Best Way

While Todd Jamison exercised in the gym, his parked car was getting a work out too. The only difference: Todd chose to lift weights. His car had no choice. (more…)

The Benefits Of Assistive Technology

If there’s no one in your personal life who experiences a form of disability, you may not be aware of the incredible array of resources available to help people work more effectively. But “assistive technology” can help almost anyone, not just the disabled. (more…)

Trust Employees During Snow Days

When winter weather was closing thousands of schools and businesses across the United States, it inspired a local HR firm to ask a rather curious question. (more…)