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Utilizing Strengths-Based HR Approach

Indianapolis-based Ignite HR Consulting hosted an evening of training, networking and music. The education program focuses on an emerging movement in corporate training called Strengths. (more…)

Government Productivity and the Juror’s Burden

In the United States’ judicial system, you are considered innocent until proven guilty. And though hefty laws exist to protect this right, is it possible that bad processes and desperate measures get in the way of a fair trial? (more…)

Taking Chances vs. Fearing Failure

For those of us afraid of making mistakes, avoiding the unknown and sidestepping risk can certainly seem appealing. Yet, overcoming the fear of failure and taking chances can prove extremely beneficial. For AccelaWork’s founder, achieving productivity comes from tackling challenges head on—even if it means writing a blog post in under five minutes.  (more…)

Why Efficiency Matters Everywhere, Even When Battling Crabgrass

As all Hoosiers have seen in the past, the long-awaited anticipation for spring is a yearly affair. The glorious recipe of warm weather and blooming flowers is magic to those of us fairweather winter fans. The only thing left to combat—besides the clouds of pollen—is: crabgrass. (more…)

AccelaWork’s Consultant Robby Slaughter on IBJ

Still scratching your head trying to figure out which desk drawer you’ve stashed your company’s operations manual? Recently, the Indianapolis Business Journal published an article, written by AccelaWork’s very own, Robby Slaughter, which discusses ways to improve the manual to the point of actually utilizing it rather than forgetting about it. (more…)

Improving Worker Productivity Through Praise

As we previously discussed, a business process solution at Applebee’s was digital technology for faster service has been integrated into several of its restaurants. Though the chain hopes the technology proves beneficial, a recent dining experience of my own has reaffirmed the value in good, “old fashioned” service and the simple act of praise. (more…)

Nagging Phone Calls: How To Handle Them

Like any consumer willing to accommodate certain processes in order to better service my needs, I’ve agreed in previous months to partake in phone surveys that assist in music selection for radio stations. About every two months, I receive a phone call asking for my participation. And, up until this month, I always agree. However, this past week brought an entirely different scenario. (more…)

A Meeting at Sea Could Liven Up Dull Tasks

Some find conducting business at a coffee shop a nice way to create a casual environment for a meeting. But if you’re looking for a more interesting twist on scenery, you could consider sailing the open seas on the newly introduced “sofa boat”. (more…)

Social Media and Honest Communication

Our founder, Robby Slaughter, was quoted in the Wall Street Journal about productivity and social media. The message: Social media is powerful stuff, especially for small business. (more…)