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Inefficiency In Unclaimed Property

Many Hoosiers discovered that luck isn’t the only way to find unexpected funds. If you’ve been eyeing that brand new grill for your back porch, maybe it’s time you check in with the state government. After all, there’s nothing to lose but unclaimed money. (more…)

Productivity Consultants Take On Spelling

Though it consists of merely six letters, one of the most straightforward words in the English language is C-H-A-N-G-E.  Yet two prominent groups saw a need for further simplification of this term. (more…)

Visualizing Possibilities To Improve Productivity

There are moments when work starts to feel overwhelming. Artist John Bramblitt faces this reality everyday. And though he may not see these challenges personally, overcoming his obstacles brings more than just reassurance: it creates success far beyond what the eyes can see. (more…)

Are You Encouraging Mediocrity By Accident?

Mediocrity in the workforce certainly lacks luster. Not only does it deflate drive and motivation, but it inhibits productivity. Yet, what if that’s the standard being encouraged in your office? (more…)

The Benefits of Standing While At Work

Feeling tired at work? Why not try something new and get rid of your chair? It may sound exhausting, but standing while you work not only improves productivity, but it provides a larger sense of accomplishment. (more…)

Business Consultants and a Happy Meal

McDonald’s made headlines when a substance linked to cancer was discovered in their promotional toys. Yet, despite the immediate recall a week ago, commercials promoting the product are still airing on major networks. (more…)

Say Goodbye To Impulse Buys

Ever find yourself running out to the grocery store for milk and eggs only to return with fifteen grocery bags and a hefty receipt reflecting your impulse buys? If this sounds familiar, don’t fret. Slaughter Development’s founder has some suggestions that will help your shopping become more efficient and less costly. (more…)

Corporate Productivity and Participation

On the fence as to whether or not social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn are beneficial and worthwhile? Well, there is some advice that will help take away feelings of guilt or indecisiveness when it comes to “indulging” in this type of communication. (more…)

Email Overload

Many can relate to the stress caused by an overflowing email inbox at work. But what many may not know is how a healthy inbox can help promote a healthy lifestyle, beyond just what comes about from your emails. (more…)

Government Productivity in 100 Steps

If pressed, most individuals in the private sector would probably repeat the stereotype that government jobs are easy and nearly impossible to lose. One article, however, shows that these positions can be extremely difficult to get. (more…)

Technology Isn’t Required For Productivity

In the modern, technology-powered workplace, it may seem like being more productive is mostly a matter of the latest gizmo. However, a short video proves that there are some ingenious employees in the most impoverished places in the world. (more…)

Workplace Productivity Dysfunction

After spending 40 hours a week together, some teams within an organization become so close that they start behaving like a dysfunctional family.  In other words, professional behavior goes flying out the door and team members stop “playing nice.”  This, of course, is a recipe for disaster that often results in disengaged employees and a loss of productivity. (more…)

Fighting Backwards Company Policies

Often the most interesting aspects of employee workflow are not procedures that are highly efficient but subtle workarounds. We received an email with an offhand comment that demonstrates this issue perfectly. (more…)

The Problems With the Passive Voice

Your English teacher warned you not to use the “passive voice” when writing, but doing so is one of the easiest ways to improve productivity in your workplace. Changing language can change culture! (more…)

Simple Business Process Methodology, Sweet Outcome

Nowadays, million dollar contests seem to be popping up everywhere. Whether answering trivia, surviving the great outdoors, or even completing silly games,victors can earn major prizes. For one winner however, path to victory has led to controversy. (more…)

Improving Worker Productivity Nurtures Brain Power

Since our founding, AccelaWork has worked alongside clients to increase office productivity by improving or even eliminating inefficient processes. Our goal? Open avenues for innovation and create a healthier workflow for stakeholders. It turns out that doing so doesn’t just create a healthier sense of productivity— it also nurtures the brain. (more…)