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4 Steps for Dealing with a Difficult Employee

When it comes to our organizations, we all know the importance of employee engagement. But we aren’t perfect and there will come a time when you clash with an employee. Do you know what steps to take? (more…)

Job Bouncing and Employee Engagement

Changing jobs regularly, whether it’s yearly, bi-yearly, or whatever, is not all that uncommon these days. The question is, why? Does it have anything to do with employee engagement? (more…)

How Urgent Is It?

Our to-do lists seem to grow longer every single day. You have to finish this and you have to finish that. Can you embrace this pace of life? (more…)

3 Ways to Step Up Your Recruitment Efforts

When it comes to our organizations, employee retention issues can seem insurmountable. We’ve all been in the unfortunate spot of finding ourselves with more open positions than candidates. (more…)

These Meetings Were Made For Walking

Do you find yourself walking around or pacing while you’re talking? Does it seem to help you clear your mind? Surprisingly, walking can also boost your creativity. (more…)

Right, Wrong, Legal, Illegal

Life would be easier if there was no grey area between legal and illegal or between right and wrong. But if you are like me, you can find yourself in situations that are difficult. (more…)

Employee Engagement for Remote Employees

A buzzword of the business community is “engagement.” We want “engaged customers” and “engaged employees.” But as more business is done online and remotely, what does “engagement” mean now? (more…)

Behaviors That Keep Us Stuck

Self-sabotaging behaviors prevent you from conditioning yourself for success. Just when you get things going, those self-sabotaging behaviors show up. (more…)

The Productivity Rules of Elon Musk

As a culture, we’re pretty obsessed with wildly successful people. We love athletes and entertainers and business leaders. To some degree this makes sense: they are really good at what they do. (more…)

Critical Problems In Employee Turnover

It’s never ideal to lose a good employee. So, when one leaves it’s good to understand why. But, when an influx of people leave over a consistent period of time, it’s clear that deeper issues exist. (more…)