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Sacrifice Today for Tomorrow?

What sacrifices have you made in order to reach your goals? Sometimes, it’s hard to see how beneficial a sacrifice can be if you’re not looking at the big picture. (more…)

The Watermelon Test

Eating a piece of watermelon in the summer is fantastic isn’t it? We get to this delicious moment by picking the perfect melon. A lot can be said about how we go about getting the best of something. (more…)

The Ultimate Guide to Team Assessments

In business we rely a lot on functional, positive teamwork to get the job done. So if your team is suffering from a certain amount of dysfunction, maybe its time to reassess how it’s operating. (more…)

Why Assumptions Are Bad For Business

We make assumptions when we don’t fully understand a situation. It is a natural reaction to immediately fill in any missing information by making up our own story. (more…)

Triumph Over Challenges

If you want to experience success, don’t we first have to experience defeat? How could we fully appreciate a triumph if we don’t know failure? (more…)

Remote Work Continues To Rise

Many companies are hopping on the remote workers train, even though there are some positions that just can’t be done remotely. Small businesses are beginning to hire employees that work remotely. (more…)

Back To School Disaster

Budget cuts are difficult and sometimes, no matter what the resolve, they’re inevitable. But what happens when financials are drastically downsized ? (more…)

Is Transparency The Future of Pay?

Betteridge’s law states that “Any headline that ends in a question mark can be answered by the word no.” Not in this case. Pay transparency is coming. The big question is how we get there. (more…)

No Need For Perfectionism

When you are driving and a great song comes on the radio, do you find yourself singing? What if you don’t know the words? Do you hum? I think many of us do. (more…)

Blogging for Those Wandering the Stacks

“I’ve discovered that searching the Internet doesn’t necessarily get you only to the thing that you were looking for,” observes Vinton Cerf, VP at Google and a “father of the internet”. (more…)

Can We Change?

Almost all of us have room in our lives to change something either around us or about ourselves. But it’s not so easy to create and maintain change. Not all of us embrace new things. (more…)

What Type Of Entrepreneur Are You?

Have you been bitten by the entrepreneur bug? Are you worried that you won’t bring enough to the table in order to compete? Here’s a great first tip – stop comparing yourself! (more…)

Is A Lifestyle Business Right For You?

Many of us dream of the day we get to be our own boss. We spend days plotting and planning ways to create a startup. But maybe a startup isn’t the answer, maybe a lifestyle business is instead! (more…)

Cody Bellinger’s Star Is Rising

It can sometimes seem like luck takes you far in life. How much of it is luck and how much of it is skill? Cody Bellinger claims lucky hits brought him success but there’s more to this young star. (more…)