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The Best Calendar Apps To Increase Productivity

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Life is hectic. You do your best to keep track of everything going on by trying to keep a detailed calendar at your desk or home, but find yourself struggling. Maybe it’s time to upgrade your calendar!

Technology is probably the greatest gift mankind has created. There are always pros and cons when it comes to using it though, and our business consultants agree that you definitely need to keep an eye on what you’re using and how much you’re using it. It’s a game of chance really. You have to find what works best for you and your daily life. The New York Times posted an article that can really come in handy when trying to find the right calendar app that works for you. Writer, Kit Eaton, provides a list of his favorites. Check them out with our thoughts below!

calendars that increase productivity

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1. Sunrise

Eaton strongly suggests Sunrise, it being his go-to app to use when organizing his days. It’s a lot more in depth than the old fashioned calendars of the past. You can get a ton of information with just one glance using weekly or detailed views. The weekly view allows you to see a scrolling list of your upcoming tasks. The detailed view will show a column of several days along with hours. Entering an event into Sunrise is super easy. They even have a feature that allows you to tag an entry with a matching icon so you can quickly find and tap it. Not only will Sunrise sync with all your other calendars, it can also pull information from Facebook and LinkedIn. The best part? It’s totally free on either Android or iOS.

2. Tempo Smart Calendar

If you have an Apple product, then this is a serious contender. This is another free iOS product. Tempo, like Sunrise, has loads of visual features that will keep you organized. It’s also partnered with Speek so you get a free conference call out of the deal. You can post to Facebook through Tempo to acknowledge birthdays, check out maps and directions, and even keep track of flight information. It will use your natural language in your own words to enter an event and can also use voice input with Siri. You can even check out other members of meetings you will be attending. Tempo will gather their LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter information among others to provide you with a background.

3. Fantastical 2

Like Tempo, Fantastical 2 puts to use the natural language event entry and easy to use interface. But this app has an emphasis on reminders and agenda planning. It’ll show your events and reminders in the main list, provide a map for where your event is located, and also allows you to speak into the phone to create new entries. Yet another iPhone product that is well worth the download. If, of course, you want to pay the $4.99 price tag.

4. Cal

If you prefer a minimalist approach, Cal may be right up your alley. It’s integrated with, which is a to-do list app that comes highly recommended–keeping track of your events and tasks has really never been easier. And we all know how important it is to have a to-do list to maintain productivity. Don’t forget that you do need to pay for full access to if you want to sync these two together. Luckily, this app is for both iOS and Android, and it’s completely free. It comes in handy for meetings by using a homescreen hub and also syncs all of your calendars.

5. Calendars 5

This app, while normally boasting a $7 price, is having a discount as part of the AppSanta campaign. So you may want to hurry up and grab it while it’s only $2.99. It’s only available for iOS. Similar to the others in using natural language input, it does have some extras like the ability to seamlessly sync it to your iPad or iPhone. You have the option to choose day, week, or month viewing. Check out the Task Manager for an in depth to-do list. Drag and drop events. You can use this while online or offline and everything will be synced back to your account.

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