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Best Apps To Take Notes at an Event

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Today’s guest post on personal productivity is by Bianca Banova. She covers some of the available note-taking apps you can use at your next event.

Take a minute to salute your parents – they went through high school without Google and graduated college by taking notes on a paper notepad – yes, an actual crafted-from-a-tree notepad.  After a minute of silence, check out these awesome apps that will transform note-taking into an easy and fun process.

Have you ever attended an event and later suffered the consequences of flawed note-taking? You got a name or a year wrong?  Maybe botched the transcription of a quote in your attempt to type fast enough?

Taking notes during events like seminars or lectures, has been brought to an entirely new level in today’s digital age of cloud computing, tablets and smartphones. There is an enormous variety of software applications out there that will ease the process of note-taking by allowing you to use options such as speech-to-text and permitting you to synchronize your notes with your Google account, make snapshots, attach files, back up your notes and many more options. So let’s take a look at some of the best note taking apps out there, shall we?

Let’s first address the elephant in the room – Evernote. This app is one of the greatest additions to any high-tech gadget out there – laptops, smartphones, tablets, you name it. With its ability to attach a variety of items (e.g. video, audio, PDF files) to notes, Evernote is a leader in this niche. The application synchronizes your notes across a wide variety of different platforms and allows you to multitask by giving you the opportunity to take notes, while recording audio. You can also attach images and other types of files to create a truly rich document.

With Evernote you can tag your notes – a useful feature that will ease future search and will organize your notes. The application also provides location information for each note, which is incredibly useful in finding notes from a certain location.

Students, journalists and other professionals could greatly benefit from the timely cloud-storing and syncing capabilities of this application. Most users seek immediate access to information in a note taking app and Evernote does a fantastic job at delivering this service.


If you’re into Google sync experience and want to try something new, GNotes is the app for you. GNotes is an Android note taking app that enables you to take notes easily on your mobile devices.

Personal Productivity with GNotes

All notes you take via this app can be synchronized with GMail or Google App Mail after you set your account.

GNotes lets you take notes, capture photos, create to-do lists, shopping lists, record voice memos, create handwriting, paint and so on.

You can organize notes in notebooks and folders, use a drag-and-drop option to move or delete notes, pin a particular note to your home screen and share notes to other apps like GMail, Google Plus and EverNote, among others.

GNotes offers many of the key features that a typical user is looking for in an efficient note taking app. The handwriting feature and item attachment options add to the quality of the note taking experience.


Personal Productivity with AudioNote

AudioNote is another great note taking app – it enables you to record audio during a meeting, lecture or other type of event. The app will automatically synchronize the audio to where you write or draw on your tablet. This software application has one really useful feature – it allows you to simply tap on a word and the audio will start to play. There is no need to search through your audio anymore. Instead you can just write a keyword down when a topic is being discussed and the app will help you write down only the essentials and let you use audio for the rest of your note taking.

The notes you take will actually be highlighted as you play back your recording. You can use drawing or typing to enter your notes. AudioNote is a must have app for those who want to sit back and relax in the next lecture or meeting.

Bianca Banova is a Media and Communications graduate writing for She has a passion for mathematics, philosophy, marine biology and astrophysics and experience in journalism and Internet marketing.

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