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Tips on Being a Productive Presenter

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In need of presentation tips? Whether you’re an active speaker or have an upcoming presentation you are worried about, today’s post is one you’ll want to read.

Speakers have a tough job. Not only must they clearly convey particulars to an audience, but they must also do their best to engage them, no matter how interested or uninterested the sea of faces may appear. All in all, it is a daunting job that may be intimidating, but is nonetheless an incredible way to communicate and educate in business.

Tips for Effective Speeches

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In his guest post on Fathom Voice’s blog The Switchboard, Robby Slaughter, a seasoned speaker and principal of AccelaWork, provides tips on creating productive and powerful presentations. The post reveals how speakers can properly prepare for a presentation that ensures audience engagement. Below is a summary of his suggestions:

Commit to preparation.

. . . Allocate at least ten times as much space on your calendar to get ready as you do in the actual speech.

Tell a story. (But don’t be the hero.)

Your job is to craft a narrative, which means you need a beginning, middle and an end. Use analogies, humor and suspense. Set up problems and show solutions . . . Help the audience to identify with others, not you.

Never read aloud

. . . There are few experiences more frustrating for an audience member than a narrator droning a bunch of words that the audience can read for themselves.

Eye Contact and Pacing

You must look at your audience, and not just at one person . . . give your audience time to digest ideas. Pause. Take breaks. Ask people to turn to each other to discuss what you just covered.

Deliver Action Items

. . . The best present you can offer is . . . clear next steps. This may require handouts or crisp phrases, but you want to ensure that people have something they can take back and put into action.

There’s no arguing that presentations are an important part to business. What makes them outstanding though is when powerful content is enhanced by dynamic speakers who engage their audience. So if you’re looking to transform your humdrum power point into a memorable presentation, consider Slaughter’s tips above. They will no doubt help you create a successful and productive speech.

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Ashley Lee

Ashley Lee

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