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Battery Life and the Work Week

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The folks at Lenovo are trying to predict the future by inventing it. A new infographic suggests that in only a few years, you’ll just have to charge your battery once a week.

The infographic comes from a post asking when will batteries last the 40 hour work week.. Check out the image below, and our commentary after the jump:

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Any professional in the modern age would appreciate a longer battery life. But at some point, isn’t battery life long enough? After all, we rarely are awake for much longer than twelve or sixteen hours at a time. Wouldn’t a full day of hour battery life be good in most situations?

Perhaps the most striking question from this infographic is a reminder that even in a 24/7 world, we are still fixated on the idea of a 40-hour work week. That’s the yardstick for measuring battery life in this infographic and a number often cited by economists, HR professionals and the media.

The truth is that work has very little to do with time. After all, we all know that we can spend an hour productively or waste it entirely. We all know that there are some days where we get nothing done, and other days where we do more work in twenty minutes than we’ve seen our colleagues do in an entire day.

Are you looking forward to a 40-hour battery life? And more importantly, are you looking forward to a career life measured in results rather than in 40-hour chunks?

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