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Productivity vs Habits and Arguments

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Bad habits can make us unhappy and unproductive. However, bad habits at work can impact both employee morale and staff engagement.

An article from by Margaret Steen lists eight bad work habits. Below, we list that are particularly challenging:

Abusing Work-from-Home Privileges

Yes, you save time when you work from home by not commuting. But too many people are easily sidetracked by the laundry, their kids or a quick errand. “People like to say, ‘I get so much more done'” working from home, Davis says. And some do — but not everyone. If you work from home, make sure you’re putting in a full day’s work — and that you’re accessible to your colleagues during the workday.

Putting Personal Life Before Work

Everyone has emergencies from time to time. But it’s annoying to have to fill in for the colleague who is late every morning because he’s checking on his home-remodeling project, or who misses an entire afternoon because he scheduled a routine dentist appointment for 1:30 p.m.

Not Taking Care of Health and Hygiene

Leslie G. Griffen, an HR consultant and career coach, is often hired by companies to approach an employee who doesn’t bathe and ask him to improve his hygiene. The problem is twofold, says Griffen, principal of The Griffen Group. A sloppy appearance will cause a poor first impression. Also, “if your hygiene is bad, your health is probably bad,” Griffen says. An added benefit of eating well and exercising: You’ll have more energy.

Not Caring About Your Work

People like coworkers who are enthusiastic about what they do. Show that you take pride in your job by presenting yourself well, communicating clearly and doing your best work.

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This is generally speaking, good advice. But here’s some more feedback from our own archives:

Telecommuting is about culture and personality. Research shows that autonomy is crucial in any role, which is partially why remote workers typically get more done.

Your personal life is more important than your job. Your family, for example, comes first. And the most effective employees are those that can truly unplug during a vacation.

Your health is crucial. Employees need to be feeling 100% to give 100%. Stay home if you’re sick. Eat right at lunch. Watch out for employers that try crazy things, like limiting bathroom breaks.

Passion for purpose, not for the company. It’s good to be enthusiastic at the office. But we want employees who highest loyalty is to business ethics and professionalism, not to other people. In fact, workplace loyalty to the company can actually be dangerous.

Watch out for bad habits at work! Focus on making yourself more disciplined, more effective and more productive overall.

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