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Finding Ways to Avoid Guesswork

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The popular game show Wheel of Fortune made headlines after a young contestant figured out a puzzle with only one letter shown. The woman’s display was amazing, but quite unusual. After all, for three previous contestants, speaking—let alone guessing—the correct answer was far from easy.

Three United States soldiers can attest to the fact that the popular NBC game show is more difficult than it appears. As can be seen from the short video, pronouncing words correctly is half the battle to winning the ultimate prize.  You can watch the short video below.

Did you hear those attempts?

Regis Philvrin & Kelly Ripa

Regis Philvin & Kelly Ripa

Regis Philvin & Kelly REEpa

Regis Philmin & Kelly Ripa

And even after all the letters were on the board:

Regis Philbin and Kelly Raipa

Now wasn’t that painful to watch? While your mistakes in the workplace may not be as public and humiliating as this one, they could still have the impact of keeping you from achieving your goals. Though each of the above contestants are surely well-versed and knowledgeable, their televised blunder left one very clear message: no matter how simple a task may appear, never underestimate the challenge it may bring.

business process implementation contemplating

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Like the soldiers who had no other choice but to guess the puzzle’s answer, we too have all experienced times where completing a task seems painfully inefficient. A time where, despite knowledge and expertise, we know there’s an easier, faster way to complete it. Yet, somehow the solution is either momentarily invisible or too time-consuming to enact. When this occurs we tend to make do with what we know.

Before the show started, these contestants had no way to know that they were going to have to correctly pronounce daytime talk show hosts’ names, but if they had, it’s safe to assume they would have taken the time to properly research and make sure that they were well informed on that topic. If that had happened, the solution would have come much easier, and the first contestant would’ve been the one walking away with the money. Instead, all three were left visibly frustrated by their inability to complete this simple task. Fortunately for you, problems in the workplace aren’t usually displayed on live TV. They don’t have a timer. They especially don’t have a wheel that could land on “bankrupt.” You have the time to ensure you’re properly informed on any subject you may have to tackle. You can step back, look at the problem as a whole, and find a way to do things efficiently by putting your knowledge to use.

This isn’t the first time we’ve written about efficient processes, and it won’t likely be the last. Whether you’re battling crab grass, planning out conference calls, or finding a good workflow for writing, an effective, efficient process can be your best friend. Those processes aren’t always an easy thing to find, but they’re always an important thing to find. We all want our work to be quality and quick. For that, guesswork is never the best answer. Use your resources to ensure that you aren’t blindly feeling around in the dark for a solution. Sometimes you may have to buy a vowel to bring the answer to the forefront. Sometimes you may have to buy three. But taking the time that those steps require is always better than uninformed guessing.

Avoid spinning your wheels in unproductive efforts that leave no other choice but discovering solutions through guesswork. Invest the time now to find processes that are not only effective, but create a better, more productive result. We work to help improve employee satisfaction. Contact the business improvement consultants at AccelaWork today to learn more.

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