Posts By: Robby Slaughter

Let’s Talk Tomatoes

A huge secret to improving your productivity is tomatoes. Okay, not really. But the word pomodoro—which is tomato in Italian—is one to remember. (more…)

Playing Games at Work

The office is no place for games. But some organizations are improving productivity, transforming customer relationships, and helping employees be happier by borrowing ideas from the world of gaming. (more…)

Why Apprenticeship Should Make a Comeback

If you look at the data, we’re facing a potential crisis in technical and professional skills. One answer to this modern problem could be centuries old. It’s called the apprentice system. (more…)

Try Being Nice at Work

I get it. You’re crazy busy. You’re running a million miles an hour. But if you want to make things even worse, choose not to take time to be kind to others. (more…)

The Productivity Paradox and Moore’s Law

There are two ideas in business that date back decades, yet seem to continue to be true today. One asks why nothing seems to be getting better. The other insists that everything is getting better. Which is right? (more…)