Posts By: Robby Slaughter

Please Stop Using Myers-Briggs

You don’t have to spend long in the business world to run across personality tests. They are touted as the answer to everything. They aren’t, and in fact, they often cause more problems than they solve. (more…)

How Commuting is Ruining Everything

Hopefully you’re not reading this from behind the wheel of your car, but chances are you have logged some serious dashboard time yet today. The commute is to blame for countless problems in our society. We have to fix it. (more…)

Every Job is a Part-time Job

There’s one way to keep your work-life balance in check that surpasses all others in simplicity. This technique is a series of words, but it has profound implications. (more…)

Reinventing Productivity and Business Process with Office 2016

Although Internet-based services has taken over many aspects of business, Microsoft Office continues to be the primary experience for hundreds of millions of computer users around the world. And Office 2016 is about to help those people be staggeringly more productive. (more…)

When the Robot Boss Checks on You

Too many managers spend too much of their time making sure that people are working. And like many other mindless tasks, this one too is being automated. (more…)