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The End of Unpaid Internships?

Although we are a nation of laws, those laws aren’t always followed. But if there’s one rule that’s being broken across the board by corporations, it’s those relating to unpaid internships. (more…)

Five Great Ideas for Successful Leaders

I’m always skeptical of “universal truths” and other absolute statements. But a post from the Refresh Leadership Blog offers five great ideas for people who want to be successful. (more…)

The Shared Workplace in The Sharing Economy

Macrotrends. Two big changes in the U.S. economy are colliding and complementing each other: the notion of the “sharing economy” and the rise of the “shared workplace.” A big, multipart report explains the trend. (more…)

Bigger Is Better: How Large Monitors Can Change Workflow

There are some things that we assume everyone knows. You can estimate the length of a second by saying “one mississippi.” If there is food on the floor, an unsupervised dog will eat it. And increasing the size of your screen increases your productivity. (more…)

Tips For Having Multiple Presenters

At a recent seminar, I watched as four different presenters stumbled to give different talks while the audience devoured their lunch. If you’ve got multiple people speaking in one session, here are some tips to make the event go smoothly. (more…)