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Downbeat to be Upbeat in Blogging

The conductor raises his baton. A hush falls and the “downbeat,” the opening bars of the music, set the mood for the concerto to come. The equivalent in corporate blog writing? The opening sentence. (more…)

Corporate Blogging: Slow Content Fast

As a society, we embrace the idea of the speedier the better. Expectations on wait time amount to minutes rather than hours (or days). But doesn’t obtaining something fast compromise quality? (more…)

Blogging Best Practices

Living in a world where information is at our fingertips and produced at remarkable speed, it’s not surprising we want content-rich communication fast. (more…)

Blogging for Those Wandering the Stacks

“I’ve discovered that searching the Internet doesn’t necessarily get you only to the thing that you were looking for,” observes Vinton Cerf, VP at Google and a “father of the internet”. (more…)