Posts By: Mark S. Brown

Doing Nothing Is Not Really an Option

Have you ever stood still in a river and felt the water rush by you? The water can be a gentle push against you, or it can be forceful. It can cause you to lean, struggling to stand upright. (more…)

A Failure of Ethics

A Philadelphia prosecutor was charged with accepting luxury gifts in exchange for official favors. Despite this, he has plead not guilty to all charges. (more…)

Does United Airlines Have Poor Leadership?

As you have probably seen in the news, a man was forcefully removed from a United Airlines flight that was overbooked. The video went viral, and people were outraged. They should have been. (more…)

Why Think About Your Values?

Have you given much thought to what your values are and how they reflect your own goals? Maybe it’s time to turn a critical eye to those values and how they benefit you. (more…)

Develop Your Skill of Being Reliable

There have been times in my life where I missed an event or activity that I had planned to attend. I made a commitment and I failed to follow through. Sometimes, these memories haunt me. (more…)

Being Competent is Not Enough

Being competent is not enough. If you want to stretch yourself to reach your potential, you must go beyond proficiency. Excellence is not an act, but a habit. (more…)

Does Your Team Lack a Sense of Urgency?

Recently I had the opportunity to work on a small team, but I found myself disengaged. The leader was complaining that we needed to get to work. He accused us of having no sense of urgency. (more…)

Keeping Your Mind Free of Clutter

All of us need to find ways to get more done. Part of this is getting the extra stuff out of our head so we can knuckle down and make progress. But how does one do this? (more…)

What Opportunities Do You See?

Where do you find your opportunities? Some people see opportunity where others see closed doors. Some people search for and discover opportunity while others just wait for it to appear. (more…)