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HR Policies that Spur Productivity, Creativity

Here’s a business improvement reality: HR policies can make or break a workplace. As an employer, the time, effort and consideration you put into your HR policies can make the difference between a disengaged and unimaginative workforce and a loyal, productive and passionate one. (more…)

A Psychology Degree for HR Professionals

Increased employee productivity isn’t just about better use of technology: it’s also about how we perceive work in our minds and how we communicate about work with others. Today’s blog from a guest author discusses the role of psychology in improving productivity. (more…)

The Business Process Behind Groupon

Business process improvement is sometimes done by trying to make huge changes in the behavior of the market. Today’s guest post by Christopher Wallace discusses the business process behind Groupon—and makes some recommendations. (more…)

Increase Workplace Productivity By Dumping Bad Habits

I’m guilty. There are days when I walk out of the office wondering what I did all day long. If my boss stopped and asked me that question, I’d probably stutter and say, ‘Well, I answered some emails and looked at that project we were talking about.’ (more…)

Increase Workplace Productivity With Natural Light

It’s an age old conundrum. How can bosses invigorate a flagging workforce without disrupting the whole office? Today’s guest blog post comes from the company, Sunsquare, that has a solution to for a way to light up your workplace. (more…)

Why Social Media Isn’t A Waste of Time

When most people think of social media, they think of it as a source of entertainment, where they can watch a funny video on Facebook or follow a comedian’s jokes on Twitter. What some people don’t realize is that while social media does entertain, it also does so much more than that. (more…)

Breaking the Code of Silence on Clients Who Don’t Pay

An obvious part of any company is the process of payment. You do work or deliver a product and you receive funds for that payment. But what do you do when this business process breaks down, especially when you’re in a small business? Today’s guest post from Lorraine Ball discusses this question with frankness and sincerity. (more…)

Visions and Values Implemented at Delivra

“The culture of a working organization is both the common and collective viewpoint on both the meaning and the value of work.” Some of you may recognize this as Robby Slaughter’s personal definition of workplace culture defined at AccelaWork. (more…)

Responding to Urgent Requests

How many times have you heard that? Someone asks you to do something, and it is urgent.  You consider your calendar, the day’s pressures, expectations, commitments, and whether you can drop what you’re doing to respond. At that moment, you’re weighing the various components of response. (more…)