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Workaholism: Is Your Life Out of Balance?

Today’s post, by Pam Ruster, discusses workaholism. While many in the United States consider this a “respectable addiction”, it’s an affliction that affects both a person’s career and personal life. (more…)

I’m Out of The Office, Off The Planet

Today, Christy Runningen discusses the mystery of auto-response messages. As she puts it, with so many possible interpretations and no clear definition, I have no choice but to assume it means you have left the planet. (more…)

Overcoming Accounting Blunders

Today’s post is written by Melissa Powell, CPA. As an expert in her field, she discusses how to overcome accounting blunders and efficiently manage financial operations in business. (more…)

Efficient Planning: No More Fire Drills

Today’s post, by Christy Runningen, discusses the topic of workplace emergencies. As she puts it, these “fire drills” are usually accommodated immediately, but there is a way to prevent the commonplace role in which they play in the office. (more…)

Are Other People Uncaring, or Just Distracted?

Business improvement starts with personal improvement. And sometimes it can seem hard to improve when people seem to not care at all about what you have to say. Today’s guest post from Marissa Bracke covers this difficult question. (more…)

Presentation Tips for Finicky Speakers

For those of you who are nervous wrecks when it comes to public speaking, today’s post by guest blogger Cody Sharp is right up your alley. He provides helpful tips and gives advice on how certain preparations can make all the difference in your success as a presenter. (more…)

IT Staff: Hone in on Interests and Improve Morale

IT professionals work long hours in unique conditions which add to their stress and low morale. IT staff work an average of 71 hours each week, according to ComputerWorld. Knowing why a person chooses IT as a career in spite of these demands can help you boost the morale of your IT department. (more…)

It’s Not You, It’s Me (No Really, It Is.)

“Look honey”, I told my girlfriend, “it’s not you, it’s me.”  Thereby, in theory, absolving her of any of the need to feel bad about herself, and minimizing the amount of time I would have to spend breaking up with her. (more…)

How to Create the Perfect Home Office

Improving productivity by working out of the home office seems like an obvious choice to many professionals. Today’s guest post outlines the tools and technologies you need to make your home office most productive. (more…)

5 Ways to Nail Your Next Speech

We often blog about how to hire a speaker in Indianapolis. But today’s guest post is a message to speakers about how to be more successful when giving a talk. (more…)

To-Do List: Zero

Productivity is a word that looms in our minds; at times we feel super productive and others we are wondering where the time disappeared. (more…)

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