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Stop Working So Hard On Your Company Culture

Here in Central Indiana, few businesses are known for being as progressive about how they treat employees as SpinWeb. Company President/CEO Michael Reynolds explains how this works in today’s guest post. (more…)

Networking Before You Need It

Jessica White, an expert in non-profit fundraising and organizational effectiveness, is a big fan of networking. In today’s guest blog she explains why you need to do it before you think you need it. (more…)

You Get What You Inspect

Today, guest blogger Curtiss Quirin explains that a key secret to improvement in business is not high expectations, but the process of actively checking for yourself. (more…)

What You Really Think About Me: How to Receive Feedback

My heart was pounding, but at least I kept it together in the lobby, through the street, and until I got into my car to start sobbing. I knew I had fifteen minutes to let it all out and put on a happy face before I saw my kids. So I called one of my best friends and started to vent. (more…)

3 Steps to Empowering Others

Great business leaders aren’t people who take all the power, but those who give power to others. Today’s guest post offers three tips on how to empower those around you. (more…)