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Using Productivity Apps To Improve Teamwork

If you don’t think that teamwork is necessary in the workplace, consider this old saying, “Two heads are better than one.” If your coworkers or employees aren’t collaborating, it might be time to introduce some apps that will not only increase productivity, but teamwork as well. (more…)

Office Politics Hurts Employee Satisfaction

Every company deals with office politics. There really isn’t a way around it when you have numerous people working together day in and day out. It can become a thorn in your side and one study has shown that it’s ruining employee happiness. (more…)

Do Your Employees Trust You?

Most companies spend a good chunk of their time discussing how to engage and retain their employees. It’s pretty important to keep your workers satisfied. Would it surprise you to find out that a significant percentage of them don’t trust you? (more…)

Productivity In A Politically Correct Workplace

When you think of creativity, an image of throwing caution (and the rulebook) to the wind bubbles up. How can you truly be creative if you’re bogged down by rules? One study shows that not only can you be more creative but more productive as well in a politically correct workplace. (more…)

Be More Productive During Your Commute

Commuting to work is the pits. If you’re unlucky enough to sit in bumper-to-bumper traffic to get to the office while simultaneously trying to not lose your mind, we have a proposition for you. Use this time to be more productive! (more…)

Being Productive Without Putting In Overtime

We here at The Methodology Blog are always searching for ways to be more efficient at work. It can seem impossible to get everything done in one day without putting in extra hours. So how can you finish your work and still leave the office on time? (more…)