Posts By: Alyssa Shea

5 Ways To Give Your Workspace A Boost

Your office space can either make or break you. Where we work plays such a huge role in our productivity throughout the day. The good thing is that more companies are finally starting to notice. (more…)

Stop Eating Lunch At Your Desk

If we asked right now, how many of you would say that you eat your lunch at your desk? It just seems like the easier thing to do, right? Maybe, but we’re here to convince you how bad of an idea it is. (more…)

How Meditating Can Bring You Workplace Zen

Work can be stressful. You’ve got a to-do list the length of your arm, calls to make, and emails to respond to. How can you manage all of this in a single day? Maybe you should be meditating. (more…)

SnapChat Might Land You Your Dream Job

It’s pretty common for employers to use social media to their benefit when looking to fill a position. Not only that, but they use it to check up on prospective employees. So how does SnapChat fit into the picture? (more…)

Do You Wish You Had An Office Pet?

Walking into an office and seeing a cat lazily lying on the desk can come as a bit of a surprise. How common are office pets and are they even a great idea? (more…)

Do You Lie On Your Resume?

The competition is fierce out there for jobs. Even if you find a position you believe you’re qualified for, you may still end up at the bottom of the pile. (more…)

How To Make Meetings Less Painful

Meetings can be the pits. Especially when you’re doing your best to be as productive as possible with your day. So how can we make them a little less painful? (more…)

Creating Your Own Luck

Take a second to read a few interviews by some of the most successful people to date. Somewhere down the line, you’ll find a recurring theme. Be it a chance encounter, or a fortuitous accident, somehow luck always seems finds these people. So how can you change yours? (more…)