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The Rise Of The Machines And Productivity

Technology advances daily, no matter how you feel about the new inventions and ideas being churned out. Some voice concerns over what it will do to the workplace, and they’re right to wonder out loud about that. What exactly will happen to us, our jobs, our homes the more we innovate and create? (more…)

Starting The Dialogue On Employee Well-Being

I’m not sure where the idea started that in order to be successful, you have to prove how much you’ve overworked yourself. Or how little sleep you had when were able to complete all of that work. (more…)

5-Hour Workdays: Myth or Possibility?

Working an eight-hour workday is what we have all come to expect, at least here in America. Would you be surprised to find out that some companies are trying out five-hour workdays and that they’re actually totally working? (more…)

Pokémon GO Could Help You Make Money

Pokémon GO has taken over the world. If you hadn’t heard by now, then you’re either hiding under a rock or don’t care about it at all. But here’s why you should care. (more…)

Fashion Tips For The Working Man

The kind of stress that comes from your first day of work at a new company can be overwhelming. On top of it, you have to figure out just what it is you should be wearing. Fortunately, someone out there decided to publish a list of tips for those of us that aren’t so great at fashion, though they focused on just the men this time around. (more…)

Using Technology To Improve Customer Journeys

Customer service is what keeps most any company thriving and profitable. Most businesses these days are making use of the internet and the new technology that comes out almost daily. If you want superb reviews from the public, you may want to check out these tips! (more…)

How To Be A Productive Night Owl

Are you one of the many who enjoy nighttime? Do you find that you do your best work when everyone else has already gone to sleep? Well, if you work later hours, then you’re in luck. But if you find yourself with a day job, then this may wreak havoc on your life. (more…)

The Benefits of Ergonomics

Your employees are the gears that make your business turn. Yet most companies fail to acknowledge the usefulness of making sure workplaces are ergonimic. (more…)

Staying Productive In Our Digital Age

Are you on top of the new productivity trends that seem to change on a daily basis? Neither am I. Turning to lists with the best tools is the best way to find out what you’ve been missing! (more…)

Landing The Job At The End Of Your Internship

Summer internships are a good way for some to just past time and give the appearance of effort. But for others, it’s a make-or-break affair. If you want to land that full time position after your internship, there are some tips and tricks you should learn. (more…)

Making Good Habits Stick

I would be the first person to raise my hand if someone asked, “Do you want to build new habits?” It’s a great idea but when put into motion, you may find yourself having a hard time reaching that goal. (more…)

5 Ways To Give Your Workspace A Boost

Your office space can either make or break you. Where we work plays such a huge role in our productivity throughout the day. The good thing is that more companies are finally starting to notice. (more…)