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Hack Into Your Brain’s Potential

Do you feel like your brain just can’t quite catch up to all the things you need to do in a day? Or how about that nice little fog that settles in sometime in the afternoon, completely ruining your productivity. It’s about time to shake loose the cobwebs and spice things up in there, don’t you think? (more…)

Extensions Every Telecommuter Needs

We here at The Methodology Blog are always on the lookout for things to make our lives easier which is good news for you because it’ll make yours easier, too. This time around, we’ll be checking out a list of browser extensions that claim to make working from home much more effortless. (more…)

Being More Likable: The Best And Worst Traits

Wanting to be liked by those around you, especially coworkers, is something I think most people can relate to. It was always what I dreaded most when starting a new job – playing the getting to know you game. Luckily, there are researchers out there who have done some work in this area to let us all know which traits are savored and hated. (more…)

Be A Superhero With Procrastinate Zero

Procrastination is something we here at The Methodology Blog have talked about and researched. Why? Because we know how hard it is to break the habit. Also, some of us are still struggling with it. And by some of us, I definitely mean myself. (more…)

Dealing With Coworkers You Can’t Stand

If I took a poll right now and asked our readers if any of them have ever had to deal with a coworker that they absolutely couldn’t stand, I’d imagine the responses would be something like, “Literally every day.” There’s really no way to escape it. So how can you avoid butting heads with your fellow coworkers? (more…)

Taking Down The Office Gossip Mill

If you’ve never worked in an office, you may be surprised to find out that some of them feel like a return to high school. The cliques, the rumors, and gossip suddenly become a problem again. “I thought we were past this!” you may scream internally, but you would be wrong. So how can we finally take down gossipers once and for all? (more…)

Maternity Leave And Returning To Work

Returning to work after having a child causes a whirlwind of emotions. Fear, anxiety, stress mixed in with a new mother’s already raging hormones can be a recipe for disaster. There are ways however that both the company and employee can help make this transition go as smoothly as possible. (more…)

Negotiating A Salary You Deserve

Interviewing for a job is hard enough on its own. The pressure to actually land a gig is rough with all the competition those entering the workforce face. So how can you make the kind of salary you want without pushing away an employer by asking for too much? (more…)

Daily Rituals That Successful People Keep

I usually hate to read about someone’s rise to fame and wealth. What is it about those super successful people that I’m missing? Well, this article may actually help provide an answer to that. (more…)

Grow Productivity By Encouraging Creativity

Creativity is something most companies want to harness. You’ll see it on job advertisements, bullet points in meetings, and whispered around the water cooler. How can you pull creative ideas out of your employees and somehow increase productivity at the same time? (more…)

Focusing On Your Confidence

Confidence is a pretty big issue in nearly everyone’s lives. Don’t think for a second that the super successful salesperson at your work doesn’t doubt his or herself, yet somehow they still exude self-assurance. How do they do it? (more…)

Millennials Need To Start Mastering Email

As a Millennial, I can tell you there are many misconceptions that the general public gets wrong about us. The fact that we can’t seem to get it together to write a formal email, though, is not among the wrong list. (more…)

The Best and Worst Ways To Job Hunt

Job hunting should be considered a job in itself. The amount of hours spent combing the internet, uploading résumés only to fill out online applications, and sending dozens of emails out like a Hail Mary pass can make you start to doubt yourself. There has to be a better way, right? (more…)