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Travel Expenses Hurt Small Business Productivity

A study from Australia says that its small business sector spends the most on expense transactions than any other country. When compared to large organizations, they spend almost 25 percent more while on the road. (more…)

Improve Concentration and Boost Productivity

We’re all busy. We have a ton of things going at the same time. Phone calls, emails popping up, and co-workers stopping by to chat are interruptions we face daily. So how can we buckle down and improve concentration? (more…)

Small Businesses Rely On Employee Retention

Small businesses face many hurdles. But probably the most important issue is creating a solid work environment in order to retain employees. So what can you do to make sure your employees stick around? (more…)

3 Free Apps That Will Enhance Small Business Productivity

Most of us are always searching for ways to increase our productivity. And thanks to the ever evolving technology revolving around tablets and smartphones, even our desktops, there are countless new ways to boost efficiency. These apps are among the best ways to utilize all that technology at your fingertips. (more…)

Getting Up Earlier May Increase Your Productivity

We’re all used to being terribly busy and not having enough time in a day. We trudge through our day so we can finally make it home to get some sweet relief. But what if the end of the day isn’t the best time for you to be you? (more…)