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Your Old Devices Can Help You Be More Productive

With all the new technology that comes out, we find ourselves moving on from our old devices and onto something better. But don’t let them collect dust in the back of your closet just yet because you may be missing out on gaining productivity. (more…)

Microsoft Takes On iPad Productivity App

Two years after Microsoft introduced their Surface tablets into the world, many of us are still asking the question: Where the heck is an Office app? Well, the wait may be over. For some of you. (more…)

Steps To Balancing Your Work and Personal Life

The pressure to be the best and most productive at work can be pretty overwhelming. The problem is we all have a personal life, too. When we pursue being the “best” in both of those places, it can be a recipe for disaster. (more…)

How Color Can Affect Your Productivity

Color plays a big role in our lives. We all have a favorite color, and when we see that favorite shade, it can actually bring a big smile to our faces. Not only does color brighten your day, it can also affect your productivity as well. (more…)

Workspace Virtualization: Increase Employee Satisfaction

Sometimes, our processes at work are so outdated and time consuming, you want to scream every time you have to do them. That’s why many of us crave the top of the line gadgets and software. What if we could all get what we want while putting less of a burden on the IT department as well? (more…)