Posts By: Ashley Lee

Five Tips to Become a Better Listener

When we’re born we inherit certain skills. Namely, our five senses. Our ability to utilize these gifts is natural and fluent. Yet, to master them, we must be direct and specific in our focus. (more…)

The Artistry of Work

A pipe dream of mine is to be an artist. Yet, I can’t draw, paint, or sculpt. I’m terrible at taking pictures. And I can’t sew. Nonetheless, I’ll use creativity any way I can. (more…)

The Biggest, Happiest Lie in Business

The English language, beautiful and complex in its own right, is chock full of maddening rules that open the door to multiple meanings, miscommunication and ultimately, purposeful misdirection. (more…)

Shopping and Productivity

You don’t have to be a super shopper to achieve productivity, but the techniques found through coupon clipping and efficient shopping can also be seen and utilized when vying for work optimization. (more…)

Tapping Into Emotional Intelligence

A week ago, my ten year-old son sparked a conversation at our dinner table that was not only profound, but quite surprising. And it all started because of a simple afternoon greeting. (more…)

7 Ways To Quit Your Job

Quitting a job is never an easy task. Even if you have a plan in place as to how you’re going to break the news to your boss, there is still plenty to consider when it comes to the conversation. (more…)

Repairing Mistakes Through Good Customer Service

Making mistakes are a part of life. This we know. But, when you are in the service industry, failure to follow-through properly with services rendered can have damaging effects on your business. That’s why customer service is so important. (more…)

Real Professionals Don’t Confirm Appointments

If you’ve ever made a doctors appointment, it’s pretty much expected you’ll receive a reminder phone call or email about your upcoming appointment. But, when it comes to business meetings, confirming appointments is a bad way to go. Here’s why. (more…)

Never Use Email to Discipline Someone

Making mistakes at work is inevitable. Some situations arise from complete oversight. Others may be a result of disorganization, irresponsibility, lack of accountability, or even pure laziness. No matter the cause, it’s important to remember: never use email to discipline someone. (more…)

Language For A Better Brain

Did you know that having a second language under your belt not only makes you a more desirable candidate in business, but it also improves your brain? (more…)

Observation and Assumption

A friend of mine divulged a story the other day that made me think about the divide between making an observation and making an assumption. At what point do our actions change as a result of how we utilize these perspectives and what impact does it have on business? (more…)

Self-Sabotaging Productivity

Procrastination is not an uncommon word, so chances are you’ve heard (and perhaps know from personal experience) all about its effects on productivity. But, did you know there is a different level to procrastination called self-sabotaging? (more…)

Secrets Revealed: What Productive People Do

When it comes to productivity, we are all probably in the same boat: we want to improve. So, when we see other people who appear to “have it all together” it’s only natural to ponder what their secrets are. Let’s find out shall we? (more…)