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Blogging Through Story Harvesting

Blogging is work, so any techniques to improve productivity are worth considering. Our own Robby Slaughter posted on the single best productivity tip for bloggers. (more…)

The History of Logistics Timeline

Although the idea of improving process goes back centuries, the terms “logistics” and “supply chain management” are relatively new. A great infographic explains the history of process improvement in managing supply chains. (more…)

Finding Inspiration from Movie Bosses

Employee productivity is clearly related to how managers and employees interact. But what does cinema have to say about the boss-employee relationship and its impact on worker productivity and satisfaction? (more…)

Continuous Business Process Transformations

Practically every company has heard of continuous improvement techniques, from Lean to Six Sigma to 5S. But a post from the Harvard Business Review reminds everyone that no improvement program prevents us from needing to think clearly. (more…)

The Impact of Illogical and Inconsistent Layout

Given the hundreds of processes we encounter each and everyday, it’s reasonable to admit that we aren’t always in control of the variables we face. Guest blogger Bernie Smith discovered this for himself and decided to share his story and revelations with us. (more…)