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The Best Process For Hiring a Speaker

When it comes to selecting a speaker, you’re going to come across a wide array, including some who work nationally and others who prefer to keep things more localized. If you want to hire a speaker, where should you start? (more…)

The Death of the Three-Day Weekend

Employee productivity is up, but that’s not just because we’re working smarter. It’s also because we’re working more. And much of that employee productivity is happening over the weekend. (more…)

Business Process Transformation in a Flash

It’s difficult to recognize all the minute changes that inevitably occur in a project or a person when you see and interact with them everyday.  But it’s precisely this type of natural progression that creates growth that is both positive and important.   (more…)

Robby Slaughter on WISH-TV

Productivity expert Robby Slaughter appeared on WISH-TV in Indianapolis to promote his book “The How-To Guide for Generations at Work.” The full segment is included on our website. (more…)

Do Team Rewards Increase Productivity?

Increased employee productivity is a goal of many businesses and non-profits. Should we use an incentive system based on rewards to increase productivity, or will that backfire? (more…)

A Business Improvement Solution Left One Man Stranded

A warning to airline travelers: regardless of tickets, checked luggage and your presence at the gate, there is no guarantee your plane won’t leave without you. For Luke Mueller, a Los Angeles teacher and musician, one quick bathroom stop cost him more than a wasted $700 flight—it resulted in eight hours of grueling travel. (more…)