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The Importance of Simple Thank You Notes

While¬†some would argue that writing thank you notes is a thing of the past, we at AccelaWork disagree. And, according to a blog post from the Managing Editor of Business Insider, this type of process methodology is a vital part of achieving success. (more…)

Organizational Office Space and Productivity

Ever wonder what your office space says about your company? Does it have an impact on your business as well as your employees, customers and/or potential clients? These may sound like silly or insignificant questions, but trust us, they’re important to think about when it comes to process improvement. (more…)

Four Destructive Corporate Myths

The best companies in the world should be the smartest, right? Amazingly, many organizations continue to believe in myths that have been debunked for ages. (more…)

Finding Innovative Ways to Utilize Social Media

Social media is a great way to build relationships, but it turns out it can be used for business process improvement. An Indianapolis firm is using an enormous network to be more efficient in customer service. (more…)