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Is Technology Pushing Workers Too Far?

“Doing more with less” isn’t just for the especially frugal. It’s what many companies are requiring of employees, and they are using advanced technology to do it. But is it right? (more…)

Work Apps Contribute to Burnout

Swipe, swipe, double-tap. Scroll, pinch-and-zoom, and then there is a buzz. It’s as common to modern life as dialing a rotary phone was generations ago. But is it hurting us? (more…)

Workplace Culture Meets Reality TV

Workplace culture has been highlighted on television shows from The Jetsons to The Office. But one reality TV program asks employees to fight each other in a terrible game. (more…)

Hiring a Speaker the Right Way

Want to hire a speaker? There’s a right way to do it. But chances are if you haven’t hired speakers before, you may not be aware of the most important steps. (more…)

A Culture of Shameless Honesty

In speaking and consulting with companies here in Indianapolis and beyond, a common theme is the question of honesty. An interview with one CEO discusses a fascinating approach to this element of organizational culture. (more…)