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[INFOGRAPHIC] Actual vs. Perceived Business Risks

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Every business deals with risk, and compliance training is one way to try and tackle it. But what if the risks we think aren’t serious are actually the biggest of all?

That’s the claim in an infographic from our colleagues at NAVEX Global. Take a look, and keep reading for some of our thoughts on this data.

Employees and Compliance Training

© 2014 NAVEX Global

The big news is that one type of risk—what NAVEX calls “HR, Diversity, and Workplace Respect”–accounts for more incidents than all other categories combined. They go on to explain that if you’re going to pay out a claim or deal with a loss due to a compliance issue, it’s probably going to be a human resources issue.

How do you mitigate these risks? One approach is through comprehensive employee training. It’s true that educating individuals can help to change behavior. If over two-thirds of all negative workplace incidents are basically behavior problems, then training is a good strategy.

But at the same time, companies should strive to have a positive, respect-centric workplace culture. Most organizations frankly don’t show respect toward their team members. This may be the most serious employee retention problem of all.

It might sound crazy to think that a company doesn’t have a culture of respect for employees. But consider the following elements of the typical business, all of which are standard practice:

  • Employees must adhere to a strict professional dress code, even though they are only interacting with colleagues
  • Employees are required to attend mandatory meetings and arrive and depart at specific times
  • Offices have motivational posters rather than inspiring leaders
  • People feel they are underpaid and their colleagues are overpaid
  • Individuals feel there is no opportunity for advancement

If there was more respect at your company, doesn’t it seem likely there would be fewer HR issues? Treating employees like adults will have more impact than anything else. You may not need much compliance training if your workers are inspired to use good judgement in all situations.

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