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Repairing Mistakes Through Good Customer Service

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Making mistakes are a part of life. This we know. But, when you are in the service industry, failure to follow-through properly with services rendered can have damaging effects on your business. That’s why customer service is so important.

Using Technology To Improve Customer Journeys

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Customer service is what keeps most any company thriving and profitable. Most businesses these days are making use of the internet and the new technology that comes out almost daily. If you want superb reviews from the public, you may want to check out these tips!

The Business Process Methodology of CRM

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Today’s post is from Denise Speer, founder and owner of c3-indy. As a marketing specialist and entrepreneur, she is a strong advocate for Customer Relationship Management software in assisting the sales process. To her, it “increases efficiency while being indispensable in delivering high-quality customer service”.

Mind the Gap

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In life, there stands a gap between where we are and where we hope to go. Setting our sights on the future is how we improve. This gap applies in business too and is one we should be ever mindful of.

What We Do

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There’s more than one side to business improvement consulting. But foremost, AccelaWork is a marketing product for you to offer to clients and prospects. Our service resides in your marketing budget and grows your bottom line. A New Marketing Approach Anybody can try to entice potential customers with promotional items and free meals. Instead, you… Read more »

Broken Processes Can Cause A Ticketing Fiasco

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Every so often I like to treat my kids to BIG surprises. Usually, my creativity caps off somewhere between a trip to the toy store or the movie theater. But I had a brilliant idea. I just didn’t realize that buying tickets to see Buzz Lightyear would take me years to arrange.