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5 Reasons Your Marketing Budget Should Include Speakers

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If you’re helping to market a business in Indianapolis, you should consider working with speakers to plan events. That’s because local speakers provide an incredible return on investment for your marketing dollars.

Chances are you are not using local Indianapolis speakers to promote your local Indianapolis business. You’re probably focusing your marketing budget on your website, social media, or on traditional advertising. Those are all good places to invest, but working with speakers to plan events has several distinct advantages.

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1. Speaking events create a personal relationship with prospects – Unlike billboards, radio ads and even your website, potential customers at a speaking event actually meet with you and your staff. You shake hands. You learn their names and what brought them to the event. You can read their body language and learn more about their needs. You can figure out how to help them move from prospect to customer.

2. Speaking events show commitment to your local community – Here in Indianapolis, we have a renewed sense of civic pride. If you’re bringing in local experts you are showing customers that you care about your own local economy. This improves your brand identity with customers who feel the same way.

3. Speaking events leverage the “association effect” through sponsorship – When you are the sponsor of a fantastic presentation, audience members tend to connect their good feelings about the speaker with your brand. This is basic human psychology (it also makes for one of the best tips for acing interviews).

4. Events show your diversity – Let’s face it: you’re not the only firm in Indianapolis in your market. If you just send out your own messages, your customers will grow weary. But if you bring in an outside speaker on a fascinating but otherwise unconnected topic, you demonstrate to prospects that you’re a lot more than they know.

5. Registration systems allow you to collect information from prospects – In other forms of marketing, it’s hard to know precisely who is engaging with your brand. But at a speaking event, you can ask people to preregister or to sign in at the door. This not only assists with planning, but it also means that your potential customers do the legwork of generating your marketing list!

Those are some great reasons to hire presenters as part of your marketing. And if you need help, reach out to our Indianapolis speakers and consultants today!

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