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37 Ways for Happiness at Work

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Are you needing a boost at work? It’s tough being unhappy or unsatisfied with your job, so perhaps it’s time to explore some outlets that may help you (and some that may hurt you).

The Muse posted 37 Ways to Be Happier at Work ASAP. I will admit, I was immediately intrigued with this article given the sheer number of ways they claimed to list. There are 37 suggestions, so I would encourage reading the article in full to see all the ideas you can put into action. But, for the sake of quick reading today, below are just a handful of the ideas, both good and bad, that I’ve handpicked out of the list to cover in a two-part series. Check them out along with further commentary.

Suggestions for Finding Happiness at Work:

    #2. Play Like a Kid

. . . taking a few minutes to step away from your desk and play can seriously get you out of a rut. Doodling, playing with some clay, or keeping a small toy or puzzle on your desk to fiddle with for a few minutes can clear your head and spark your creativity in surprising ways.

There is a fine line when it comes to the benefits of office perks, but it is certainly healthy to give yourself a mental break for a few minutes off and on throughout the day if you feel you need it. So, if you are a CPA and crunching numbers for five hours at a time, perhaps pick up a coloring book and some crayons to give your left-side brain a bit of a workout. Intelligence and creativity come in all shapes and sizes, but even the greatest of minds need a time out to rest and regroup.

Note of caution: Be mindful. Ask yourself if your break is a mental rest or a rabbit hole that might lead to anxiety. It’s easy for the lines to get blurred. After all, you don’t want to fall victim to disrupting workflow with distractions.

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    #8. Walk Around the Block (Especially if it’s Sunny Out)

Sometimes all it takes to boost your mood at work is a quick walk around the block. Doctors at Mayo Clinic explain that walking is not only great for you physically, but it also lifts your mood.

When you’re behind a screen all day long, walking away from your desk and getting some much needed sunshine is important. Even if you can’t get outside, just heading out to the lobby or walking around the office by the windows can refresh you.

    #13. Help a Co-worker Out

Research continues to show that altruism—helping others—actually makes us feel happier. When you prioritize lending a hand to a co-worker in need, you are actually creating a healthy mental reward system for yourself that promotes self-satisfaction.

This suggestion is two-fold. Not only can you reach out and help a co-worker in need, but you can also help yourself in the process! Whether its through suggestion, sharing tips or even walking through steps that you’ve taken to improve a project or process, you have the chance to help your colleague improve which will inevitably assist in the overall workflow of the office. Helping others with their productivity can help yours as well.

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Suggestions in Need of Caution:

    #3. Buy Yourself Some Flowers / #15. Buy Yourself a Fun Mug

Not to be a killjoy, but buying yourself things may not be the answer to happiness. Here’s the deal: if you believe that purchasing a new mug or some flowers will make you feel better then by all means, do it. But, don’t delude yourself into thinking that doing so will bring about a lasting sense of euphoria in the office. It won’t. And chances are, you’ll begin to regret spending money on things that don’t keep you happy for long. Instead, focus on saving and spending your money on things that will help your mood throughout the year like a much-needed vacation or activities that nurture your interests.

    #6. Turn to the Internet

When you need a little boost, there’s no shame in turning to BuzzFeed for some laughs or cute animals. Try one of our favorite sites to get you through a rough day.

While social media is a fantastic tool in business, it can also be a major time suck. The minute you start perusing, is the minute you guarantee a 30 min. escapade ending with nothing more than the knowledge that of a friend of a friend’s cousin has a new puppy.

Given the fact that I could only touch upon a few out of the 37 different ways to seek happiness, a second installation of this topic is now available. There’s plenty to discuss about what is useful vs. disadvantageous in solidifying happiness in your job.

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