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3 Simple Behaviors to Boost Your Biz

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Usually, creating a change in your life isn’t the easiest of tasks. But there really are three simple behaviors you can begin to employ today to boost your business!

Have you kept up with your resolutions for the new year this time around? If you haven’t, you’re not alone. It can be incredibly difficult to change. Go ahead and employ these three behaviors, you’ll be happy you did! Here they are:

  • Include your team in your business
  • Hold your team accountable
  • Give feedback to your team

Now you have to admit they are simple but you’ve probably already recognized they’re not that easy. Many times the boss enjoys holding the team accountable but without the additional two behaviors, the accountability does little good. So let’s explore why you should work to achieve all three behaviors and what happens when you do. Below are a couple helpful tips on how to employ two of the behaviors in order to achieve the third (aka accountability).

First, including your team in your business gives them a better idea of how their behavior impacts the whole. By including them in your business they become engaged. And allow me to clarify that *including them* means more than just giving them a job and a desk. Inform them on how the business works. Show them the things that matter; more specifically, what causes profit and what detracts from the bottom line.

Second, giving your team feedback makes a huge assumption that you have informed them of what you expect. By giving clear and specific expectations followed up with specific and relevant feedback, you will begin to see the performance you’re hoping for. Giving the right kind of feedback to your team will develop your employees.

  • Include your team in your business to engage.
  • Hold your team accountable to get buy-in.
  • Give your team feedback to develop them.

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Shana Merlin, Guest blogger at AccelaWork, talked about how we should be giving feedback. If you have to sit down with an employee or team member to discuss any type of criticism, you’ll want to make sure you’re prepared. This tip can help tremendously during this process:

Make your feedback match the person’s needs.

Different people have different feedback needs. Ask people how they like to receive feedback. In person? Written in an email so they can digest it? Anonymously? Me, I love to get permission to do something. Like permission to play crazy characters or let go of the story, or just worry about myself and not everyone else.

Change won’t happen overnight. What’s important is taking that first step today to create the future you want for your business. Feedback is one of the most essential ways you can affect change in your team. But, on the flipside, what about when it comes to negative feedback? Ashira Prossack at Forbes delved into this issue in an article where she explored giving negative feedback in a constructive way. One of her tips caught my eye and really resonated with me.

Follow up.

Once you’ve delivered feedback, continue to follow up. Just telling an employee what they need to improve upon isn’t enough. You have to give them a plan to follow and goals to achieve. Managers need to provide guidance to help employees stay on track with their progress. Don’t micromanage, but do check in regularly to monitor their progress and offer ongoing feedback. Give more guidance and touch base more frequently in the beginning. As you see the employee progressing, start to back off and let them take full control. Most importantly, acknowledge when they’ve made the improvement so that they can enjoy the satisfaction of accomplishment.

Many of us forget to follow up after we tackle a difficult issue. You probably want to let the issue lie and move forward, but it’s important that the person(s) that received feedback are along for that ride as well. It’s best to keep the loop of communication transparent and open.

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