We speak. They buy from you

Here's how it works: We organize and deliver turnkey speaking events that feature our experts.

Attendees see your firm as the sponsor, which builds trust in your brand. And since this is event marketing (not billboards), we have the data to follow up with leads who have self-qualified.

That leaves one question: How many new customers do you think you can handle?

Also: We Consult

In addition to our work as speakers, we also help business clients meet their potential. That's business improvement consulting: management consulting focused on measurable results.

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  • 5 Tips For Employee Satisfaction

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    5 Tips For Employee Satisfaction

    Your employees are the most important part of your company. Without them, there wouldn’t even be a company. So keeping them satisfied should rank high on your priorities for the new year! Read More »

    Don’t Screw Up This Year

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    How Worrying Affects Our Job

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    3 Email Tips from a Productivity Expert

    Recently, Duncan Gilman, Dean of Students for Splash Media U, interviewed our very own Robby Slaughter in regards to his newest book in his Efficient Professional series. Today we highlight their conversation and provide our readers with a few of Slaughter’s biggest tips. Read More »

    The Quickest Productivity Hack

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    Using Productivity Apps To Improve Teamwork

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    Speaking Effectively Requires Precision

    When scientists buy instruments, or car nuts purchase automobiles, or audiophiles tweak their home stereo systems, they are interested in precision. That’s also one of the characteristics of great public speakers. Read More »

    Office Politics Hurts Employee Satisfaction

    Every company deals with office politics. There really isn’t a way around it when you have numerous people working together day in and day out. It can become a thorn in your side and one study has shown that it’s ruining employee happiness. Read More »